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Bao Uyen (aka Amber Le) is a Digital Media Junior at RMIT University

and a multimedia designer based in Saigon, Vietnam.

Amber's works reflect her profound passion for audio-visual creation

& multimedia production. She believes in the storytelling potential of

sound and visuals, employing them as influential instruments for

expressing messages, ideas, and emotions.


This portfolio showcases her ability to bring concepts to life, creating captivating visual experiences that deeply connect and engage 

with viewers.

As a professionally trained digital media practitioner with meticulous

attention to detail,  she aspires to apply the fundamental knowledge

and experience she has gained from both university projects and

real-world practice to elevate the quality of her future work through

effective and efficient use of design.

Experienced in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Sound Design,
Video Editing and Live Visual Mixing.

Interested in VJing, Film & Multimedia Production, Esports Production
and Analog Photography

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, Resolume Arena
and Unity.

Feel free to say hello at or Instagram DMs.

I'm open to collaboration eager to work on exciting projects and happy to
share a beer together.


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